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            Production Chain


            Mastering the latest trend and working with the designers around the world

            Providing tailor-made design service to accommodate each individual customer’s needs


            Sophisticated fabric R&D team with expertise in fabric analysis and new fabric developmentProfessional pattern design capacity

            First class digital printer to accommodate sampling needs


            Pattern Making: experienced pattern maker with advanced pattern making equipment and software

            Sampling: Professional sampling team, offering short sampling lead time and high sampling quality

            Testing: CNAS verified lab, capable of performing physical and chemical testing on textile products


            Strategic partnership with suppliers, offering suppliers with profession training and instruction

            Experienced QA team, monitoring the whole production process for the best qualified products

            Efficient merchant team, working closely with customers and offering best business solutions


            Self-owned factories:3000 workers, 120 production lines, and annual capacity of 600million pieces of apparel

            Designated production bases of many famous brands, like Ann Taylor, Jones etc.

            Supplier network:Comprehensive and professional supplier network, covering the vertical production processes including weaving, dyeing, printing, and embroidery etc.

            Overseas companies

            Global sales, sales branches in New York, Paris, Hong Kong

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